Meet Our Team

Mark Meyers // Lead Pastor

Simply put, I have one incredible testimony. Throughout the years many have heard me share my adventurous story leading up to the night I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ on Oct. 22, 1980. My testimony will have you laughing at one moment and crying the next. But at the conclusion of my story, I always share about the incredible love of Jesus and the plan He has for each of us. I served as a praise and worship leader and youth pastor for 23 years in the local church before My wife and I stepped out to travel full time in 2006. In 2009 we followed the leading of the Lord and planted Merge Church. Along with the responsibilities of lead pastor at Merge, I also travel and minister domestically and internationally speaking and ministering to all ages. I am a pastor with the heart of an evangelist and I desire to live my life to impact the lives of others.

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Mary Meyers // Lead Pastor

I am a wife, Mom to 2, and Grandmother (Mimi) to 6 incredible people. From the time I was saved in 1979 my desire has always been for people to find hope in Jesus no matter what circumstance they may be walking through in their lives. Our core values at Merge Church are Every Person Matters, Family Takes Care Of Family, Life Is Better Together, and Found People Find People. These are values I’ve always tried to live by and my desire is for people to genuinely feel like part of the family every time they walk into our home.

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Lindsey Beyer // Student Pastor

I have been rescued by Jesus and his love for me is overwhelming. My heart is that all would meet my rescuer and know his love! My heart skips a beat for this next generation and believe they will see and experience the greatest unfolding of God’s great story. My husband and my sons, Declan & Jude, are my favorites. I love Jesus, love His church and love people!

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Dave Beyer // Associate Pastor

I am honored to be a part of the Merge team. My father and mother taught me at a very young age to keep Jesus first and I continue to learn what that means in every stage of life. I am married to a beautiful wife, Lindsey, who truly inspires me and encourages me in everything I do. We have two incredible boys, Declan and Jude. They are brilliant beams of light that God has generously blessed us with. Now my life is a light for His cause and I am genuinely grateful for every opportunity to encourage and motivate others to pursue all that God has for them.

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Blake Vasek // Creative Pastor

Ever since I was a kid, I loved to draw and create things. I grew up in the church but it was only until I was teenager that I discovered I could use my gifts for God to build His church. At Merge Church, I continue to do so with the help of other creatives like me. I love movies, music, art & design, and pretty much anything that inspires creativity. I collect movie ticket stubs, Funko POP!™ vinyl figurines, and anything by Jim Henson. I like to say I’m nostalgic, but then again, I love the smell of new.

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Javier & Yesenia Cordero // LifeGroup Pastors

Javier: I was born and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts and no, I’m not a Red Sox fan. “Go Yankees”! My wife, Yesenia and I, serve as LifeGroup Directors. I love God, love to serve people, and have a great desire to fulfill the call of God on my life. I enjoy music, sports, collecting watches, sneakers and Classic Cars but most of all, spending time with my kids.

Bonnie: My name is Yesenia. Some of you may know me as Bonnie. Bonnie is the nickname given to me by my dad and used by close friends and family. So how do you go from Yesenia to Bonnie? Well let’s just say that it’s a long story having to do with Spanish novelas of all things. I first asked Jesus into my heart at the ripe old age of nine during worship at Time Square Church. It was as if Pastor David Wilkerson was speaking right to me and I knew I had to go to the altar. Jesus became so real to me in that moment and I will never forget it as long as I live. Over the last several years I have served on several worship teams and volunteered with youth. Currently, I am serving on the Merge Worship Team and I also serve with my husband as LifeGroup Director. When I’m not at church or doing the usual wife and mom thing, I enjoy traveling, reading, watching movies, playing board games with the family and bowling.

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Ricardo & Stephanie Rosado // High School Directors

Ricardo: I’m 35 years old from Levittown, PR. I married my beautiful wife Stephanie in 2008 and after being told we wouldn’t be able to have kids, God graced us with a beautiful baby boy named Aiden. It’s an honor to be a part of Merge Church where I’m able to serve and uplift the next generation. We truly love God and love people.

Stephanie: I have found total freedom through Christ and I want all to experience the same freedom. Gods grace on my life is so amazing and I am grateful for all he’s done for me. I love young people and want to cheer them on to do all God has for them and for them to know how much he loves them. My amazing husband Ricardo is a treasure to me and we have the greatest gift in our son Aiden.

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Dennis & Monica Connor // Experience Team Directors

Dennis: My name is Dennis Connor and I am married to Monica Connor. I grew up in California and lived there until I was 26 years old. I met my Monica through a mutual friend and together we left California to begin the rest of our lives together. We moved to Baltimore, then Delaware, and finally on to Florida. I have a heart to serve and a passion to minister and share my testimony with the homeless and those behind bars.

Monica: I was a church hopper for most of my life. I would lean on God in hard times, pray when I remembered too and if asked if I believed in Jesus, my response was always, “Yes, of course.” But I never really understood God’s love for me, never really understood His forgiveness, His Grace, His desire for my life. Then I stepped into Merge and my life started to change. I started to learn what it meant to have a relationship with God. I started to learn about his love for me, His forgiveness, His Grace. I started to learn that these things, these wonderful gifts, were mine for the taking! So that’s my prayer now. That everyone would come to know God’s love for them because once a person can grasp that, truly understand that they are loved, flaws and all, well there’s freedom in that- freedom to love yourself and others and that’s the best feeling in the world!!

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